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Traffic Tickets: Moving and Non-Moving Violations

Traffic tickets can be categorized in two classes:

·         Traffic ticket for Non-moving violations

·         Traffic Ticket for moving violations

Traffic Ticket for Non Moving Violations

The traffic tickets for non-moving violations are given for minor issues such as illegal parking or parking your vehicle in ‘non-parking area’ or other ‘fix-it’ issues. These traffic tickets are not very serious and you will have to pay much smaller fine for these tickets in comparison to the fine you will have to pay for traffic tickets for moving violations.

Another important thing is; the traffic tickets for non-moving violations are not registered on your driving records. Thus, your insurance company won’t be able to pick on them.

Some of the common reasons non-moving traffic Tickets are:

·         Registration Issues

·         Seatbelt Issues

·         Light or signal Issues

·         License Plate Issues

·         Improper Parking


In most of the cases of traffic tickets for non-moving violations, you will have to pay a small fine generally not exceeding $50. It is better to resolve such issues by paying minor fine rather than trying to defend yourself by challenging the ticket in court. Also, it is very difficult to defend yourself against these type of traffic tickets. Nevertheless, if you have been charged wrongly or unjustly, you may try to resolve the issue by other means. As for example, if you have got a ticket for the wrecked tail light, you may beat the ticket by presenting latest receipt of the fixed tail light.

Traffic Ticket for Moving Violations

A traffic ticket for moving violations is given to a driver when the driver violates traffic laws while driving. Parking or non moving violation tickets are charged against the vehicle but the traffic tickets for moving violations are charged against the driver of the vehicle.

Some of the moving violations can be termed as misdemeanors, however some of the serious violations are charged as felonies.

Traffic tickets for moving violations involve monetary fines and these violations are often registered against the driver of the vehicle. With the accumulation of such penalizing points, the driver may reach a situation where it becomes necessary to attend defensive driving lessons, he or she may be required to re-take driving test and in some cases, the driver may lose the driving license.

In the United States, the monetary fine for moving violations is about $50 to $500.

Some of the general moving violations for which a driver may attain a traffic ticket are:

·         Speeding (this is the most common violation)

·         Driving too slow

·         Stop sign or red traffic light violations

·         Failing to yield to other driver with the right of the way

·         Crossing the single lane

·         Yielding to pedestrian in a cross walk

·         Crossing the stripped area

·         Not securing the load to a vehicle, usually a truck

·         Car pool lane violations


More serious moving violations for which the driver may get a ticket are:

·         Racing with other vehicles on a public street

·         Road rage

·         Driving while under influence

·         Vehicular homicide

Civil or Criminal Traffic violations

A moving traffic violation can be termed as civil or criminal. Both of these violations will carry negative points against your drivers license. However, if a driver commits a criminal traffic violation, one may end up in jail.

The driver involved in a traffic ticket criminal violation case may get a sentence of paying a fine and some jail time.

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