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Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are dreaded by every driver. As you approach your car and notice the ticket stuck under your windshield wiper, your heart sinks. That piece of paper lets everyone know that you've been ticketed for a parking violation!


Fortunately, most parking tickets do not come with a severe punishment. In fact, across the country the average fine for a parking ticket is just $30. Parking tickets won't cause a serious ding to your previously-clean driving history, nor will your insurance rates go up. Still, the hassle of having to pay for a parking ticket means you should avoid getting one, if at all possible.


To avoid parking tickets, do not leave your car:

  • Near a fire hydrant (less than fifteen feet away)
  • Near the driveway of a home or business (less than than five feet away)
  • In a parking space with an expired parking meter. In some cities, this also includes parking in the same metered space more than once in a single day.
  • In a parking space reserved for disabled drivers
  • Against traffic

Also be aware of what is considered 'parking.' You are considered parked if the vehicle is running, with someone in the passenger seat, if the driver has exited the vehicle. If the engine is still running and the driver's seat is occupied, the vehicle is not considered parked.


Although parking tickets only come with a small financial penalty, getting a ticket still means losing your hard-earned cash! What should you do if you are ticketed for a parking violation? Many people don't realize it, but it is possible to contest a parking ticket, which can mean you don't have to pay the fine.

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