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Speeding Ticket Economy


In the U.S., over 100,000 people a day receive a speeding ticket and the average ticket is $150.00.  That totals $6 billion dollars annually in speeding tickets paid to government as fines.  In addition, one speeding ticket can raise insurance rates by $900 over the course of three years.  Just one ticket.  That's an additional $36.9 billion in insurance rate hikes!


Now here is another interesting fact: 95% of those who receive a speeding ticket just pay the fine and don't contest it in court.  Of the 5% who do contest it, the majority have their case either dismissed or reduced so it won't show up on their driving record and affect their insurance. 


For those 5% who go to court to contest their tickets, nearly half (average is 30-50%, depending on the area) will have their case dismissed because the officer issuing the ticket did not show up to testify.  In most places, if the officer issuing the ticket is not available, the case will be dismissed (dropped).


The officer's time in court is often considered not worth the trouble, since so few people contest their tickets.  An officer, on average, costs a city about $75,000 per year in salary and benefits.  In that same year, that same officer will bring in over $200,000 in revenue from fines.  In many large cities, one police officer can issue 2-3 traffic tickets in an hour.  That's an average of around $450 per hour in traffic tickets. 


This is why cities and towns so often focus their officers' time on traffic violations.  There is a whole economy behind it.


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