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Traffic School


Nearly everywhere in the nation, those who receive a traffic ticket are eligible to ask for traffic school as an alternative to having the ticket appear on their driving record.  If asked for, a judge will usually require the fine be paid and the class scheduled by a specific date to keep the infraction from showing up on the person's driving record.  In many areas, attending traffic school can be done even if you don't contest your ticket in court. Traffic school is generally limited to once per 12 months, but many judges will waive that requirement if you ask for it.


These classes range in how they are conducted.  Some are 6-8 hours long and require an entire day while others are a couple of hours at night and others are even done entirely online with no classroom attendance necessary. 


How often you can attend traffic school is variable.  Some states allow you to attend twice a year, some once a year, and some only once every two years.  So if you get more than one ticket in that time, you won't be able to keep both of them off your record.  Sometimes, the fine is waived in lieu of the school registration, in others both the fine and the cost of the school must be paid out of pocket. 


The advantages are clear: most of the time, just showing up means your ticket will be cleared from your record (or never appear to start with).  This can mean huge savings in insurance, which can go up by as much as $900 over the three years the ticket is on your driving record. 


One caveat with traffic school should be emphasized: make sure the school is authorized by the court before you sign up and pay any fees.  Otherwise, traffic school is a great option.


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