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Success Stories

Attorney Cook Did a Great Job!!!
When I was arrested for DUI I was mistreated by the police, put into a cold holding cell and my car was towed.  I was given a ticket to appear in court and I didn't know what to do.  I didn't want a free attorney because I knew...

Posted by: Musca Law
Driver Recklessly Runs A Stop Sign And Gets Arrested For No Registration; Criminal Charges Dropped!
Our client had been pulled over for running a stop sign.  He was working in Florida and had obtained a Florida drivers license, but had never registered his car in Florida.  After he received the traffic ticket he immediately...

Posted by: Musca Law
Motorcyclist Cut Through Occupied Lane of Traffic; No License Endorsements Charge DROPPED!
Officers witnessed the defendant traveling on a motorcycle and pass another vehicle within an occupied lane. The police initiated a traffic stop upon the driver. The officer recognized that the defendant did not possess the proper...

Posted by: Musca Law
Vacationer Faces 60 Days Jail for Improper License Plate; No Conviction, No Probation and No Jail Time!
Monroe County, FL.   Our client was pulled for driving a motor vehicle with an improper tag.  When the officer made contact with our client, he asked him for his driver’s license, registration and proof of...

Posted by: Musca Law
Driver Intentionally Drove on Suspended License; Charged with Crime NO CONVICTION!
Officers initiated a traffic stop on a driver for traffic infractions. The driver admitted to authorities that she had awareness of...

Posted by: Musca Law
Driver Charged with Reckless Driving after Speeding and Swerving Case DISMISSED!
Officers stopped a defendant for speeding and weaving. The police issued a Notice to Appear on charges of reckless driving against...

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